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Our plant

In November 2018, Cheminvest LLC was registered in Moscow, the purpose of which is to implement a large-scale investment project to build a new artificial polymer plant. The volume of investments in the project is more than 7 billion rubles.
The goal of the project is to create a flexible digital production of artificial polymers based on cellulose nitrates in the Russian Federation. The production will ensure the release of homogeneous, physicochemical homogeneity, lots of cellulose nitrates weighing over 100 tons for the global market of world consumers. The production of diversified nitrocellulose of various European and Russian formulations will create a platform for the organization in Russia of new high-tech industries for the production of civilian products based on blended artificial polymers.


Nitrocellulose is one of the first artificial polymers. It is part of lacquers, enamels, celluloid and etc.


Based on our products, modern paints, lacquers and enamels will be produced, which are not subject to environmental impact.

For women

Modern high-quality nail lacquers will be made of high-quality formaldehyde resins and nitrocellulose produced by us.


Modern original textile forms, cotton wool and calcium salt will be produced from our oxidized cellulose for the needs of medicine.

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